Get Started

You signed-up, choosed your plan, your are now ready to use AffiMate. Congrats! Follow this short guide to learn how to use the application.

Add your first website

The very first thing to do is to add your first website. To do this, simply go to your dashboard and click on the "Add Website" button.

Enter the domain name of your website, such as And click the Add button to validate, that's it.

You will now see your added website in your dashboard, the domain name, the ID of the website, and two buttons to manage and delete the website. The ID is what you will need to configure the AffiMate script on your website.

For AffiMate to be able to insert the ads on your website, you will need to add the script to your website. Either you know at least a bit of HTML and prefer to add the script manually, either you are using Wordpress, and therefore you can install the AffiMate plugin.

Configure the AffiMate script manually

The first thing you need to do is to add this line between your head html tag.

<script src="{website_id}" defer=""></script>

Be sure to replace {website_id} with the website id displayed in your AffiMate dashboard.

Then, for each type of ad you will need to insert an html code wherever you want the ad to be displayed. Here are the 4 different classes used by affimate.

<div class="affimate_header"></div>
<div class="affimate_side_menu"></div>
<div class="affimate_in_article"></div>
<div class="affimate_sticky_bottom"></div>

That's it! The script will search for these div and insert the Ad chosen by the AffiMate algorithm.

Configure the AffiMate script on Wordpress

If you don't want or don't know how to install the AffiMate script manually, and that you are using wordpress, I've developed a plugin for you.

While I'm waiting for Wordpress to add the plugin to the official repository, you can download the plugin here:

If you don’t know how to install a plugin, check out this tutorial.

Once the plugin is installed, enter your website ID in Settings > Affimate on your Wordpress admin dashboard, and enable the ads that you want.

Create some Ads

Now that the script is configued, you need to create some ads and add them to your website for the ads to be displayed on your website.

  1. Go the Ads page by click on the "Ads" link at the top bar menu, or on this link.
  2. Click on the "+ New Add" button
  3. Enter the required informations and click on Create.

The Ad has now been created, but you still need to link it to your website:

  1. Go to your AffiMate dashboard
  2. Click on the "Manage" button next to your website.
  3. All you ads appear here, click on the "Add" button next to the Ad you want to link to your website.

That's it! Check on your website that the created ad is correctly displayed.

If you have any question, you can send me an email at [email protected]