How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Posts

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Posts

Gaining approval for Google AdSense without the traditional route of crafting blog posts is a path less traveled but entirely possible. This guide outlines the essentials you need to focus on to secure Google AdSense approval for your website, even without an abundance of written content.

If this does not work for you, I give you an alternative to Google AdSense that you must try.

Specific Pages Required by Google AdSense

To meet Google AdSense's approval criteria, your website must include a few critical pages. These are not only vital for AdSense but also play a significant role in enhancing your site’s credibility and user trust.

  • Contact Page: A clear way for visitors to contact you demonstrates transparency and trustworthiness to Google.
  • About Page: This page should provide detailed information about you or your organization, your mission, and what your site offers to visitors.
  • Privacy Policy: Google requires you to have a privacy policy that explains to your visitors what data you collect and how you use it.
  • Terms of Service: Although not always explicitly required, having a Terms of Service page can further establish your site's legitimacy and professionalism.

Without these pages, you have a higher change to be rejected by Google AdSense. It’s important that you take the time to carefully write those pags.

Add Content to Your Existing Pages

Diversifying the content on your website can enhance its value and appeal to both your audience and Google AdSense. Here’s how you can enrich your existing pages:

  • Text Content: Ensure your text content is clear, informative, and structured. Even without blog posts, your website can have textual content that informs and engages.
  • Images and Videos: Incorporate high-quality images and videos relevant to your website's theme. This multimedia approach not only makes your site more engaging but also caters to different visitor preferences.

Google AdSense Alternative

If you think that you have enough content on your site and that you wrote all the needed pages, maybe Google AdSense is just not for you. You might want to give a try to Affimate.

As an alternative to AdSense, allows websites owners to monetize any content by creating ads with affiliate links:

  1. You choose a product to promote that has an affiliate program, like a product on Amazon.
  2. You create the ad using the ad builder on affimate.
  3. After everything has been setup, your ad is displayed on your website.
  4. As users click on the ad on buy the advertised product, your earn commissions according to your affiliate program.

That’s a great way to monetize using display ads, but without using an ad network!

And thanks to Affimate algorithm, the tool will display the best performing ads for each of your page, leading to a great boost in revenue.


Securing Google AdSense approval without relying on blog posts requires attention to detail, specifically regarding your site’s structure and the variety of content you offer.

By ensuring your site includes the specific pages Google looks for and enriching your pages with a mix of text, images, and videos, you position yourself as a strong candidate for AdSense.

And if you are still being rejected, consider an alternative such as Affimate.